Job Site Safety Walk Form
Can we confirm that there are no dangers or hazards on the site unrelated to our job?
Has the job site been USA (811)?
Do all work areas have good housekeeping?
Has all equipment been visually inspected before starting work?
Are all employees wearing safety glasses at all times?
Are all employees wearing DRYCO safety vests at all times?
Are earplugs and/or dust masks used when required?
Are flammable materials properly contained and stored?
Is the jobsite free of unsafe conditions or unsafe acts?
Is the fire extinguisher located on the foreman's truck?
Is the first aid kit located on the foreman's truck?
Are safety triangles on the foreman's truck?
Are vehicle tags, permits, and camera on vehicle unblocked and working?
Are barricades, cones, or fencing in place on trip and fall hazards?
Is the work area secure from the public?
Are all employees wearing DRYCO hard hats at all times?
Are employees cleaning their hands and equipment after use?
Are heat and illness procedures in place?
Is water and shade sufficient on site?
Are all employees aware of SDS sheets?



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